Need Business or Home Security Service? Use Our Standing Guard Solutions

There’s nothing wrong with investing in CCTV and alarm systems and installing them in your home or commercial space. However, you have to realize that they’re not 100 percent effective. To increase the safety and security of your property, you’ll want to pair modern technology with a business or home security service that provides you with professional standing guards.

If you’re based in Brooklyn, NY, you can easily have access to this solution by getting in touch with AFSSNY. We’re a team of skillful and knowledgeable security officers who have years of experience as standing guards. We guard properties both large and small (and everything in between) and serve both residential and commercial clients. So, no matter what type of property you own and what your security needs are, you can trust us to provide you with world-class standing guard security services.

What Do They Do?

Standing guards are licensed and fully trained security experts who will guard your property from vandals, burglars, and unauthorized people. They’re typically stationed at the entrances to your home or office, although you can also request them to do security patrol and perform rounds of your property.

Standing guards are usually in full uniform, which doesn’t only make them look professional but also signals to would-be intruders that someone is patrolling your property. This, in turn, can deter them and discourage them from targeting your house or office.

What We Serve

Here at AFSSNY, we provide our standing guard solutions to a wide range of locations in Brooklyn, NY. These include individual homes as well as apartment complexes and entire communities (through homeowners’ associations). We also cater to business properties like offices, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants as well as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other locations.

Ready to hire a standing guard for your property? Contact us now at (718) 504-9606 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our home security service!

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