Protect Your Business With Our Professional Security Service!

Whatever type of business you have, you have to ensure your business facility is strictly protected. As a business owner, it is your imperative to protect your business and your clients from potential harm. Hiring a reliable security company with an impeccable security service can be beneficial to your business. If your office property is based in Brooklyn, NY, turn to AFSSNY. We are motivated by one common goal, that is to ensure your business operations and transactions are safely done without being targeted by potential crime suspects. It is our security guards’ job to protect you and your business. Once our security officers are neatly positioned on your office station, here are the security protocols they follow:

Monitoring and Surveillance

One of the key tasks of our security guards is to constantly monitor the public safety through the lenses of CCTV cameras and monitors. They can easily spot out whether a shoplifter guises himself or herself as a potential customer. From their station, they can immediately catch the suspected thief from escaping. This is advantageous especially in residential condominiums and shopping malls. Any activity done on the premises will be overseen by our stationed security guards.

Prevent Crime-Related Acts

A strict security service can guarantee a crime-free business environment. Merely the presence of security guards can discourage the potential criminals from acting upon their criminal activities. That is why we train our professional security officers to have thorough security check among the customers going in. This is to avoid crime suspects from hiding potential weapons beneath their clothes.

If you want to ensure the security of your business, then hiring AFSSNY’s security guard service is a necessity. Our officers are quick to look for suspicious activities in the area. To set up a personal appointment, you can call us through this number (718) 504-9606 or visit our company located at Brooklyn, NY.

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