Hire Security Guard Service Experts for Your Special Events

Perhaps you’re a tour promoter who has to organize a popular musician’s concert. Or maybe you’re a business owner who wants to host a marketing event to grab your target audience’s attention. Either way, you’ll definitely need to hire a security guard service company that specializes in special events security.

If you’re hosting your event in Brooklyn, NY, you’re in luck since you can always get the help of AFSSNY. As a team of experienced security officers, we can provide you with fully trained guards who have advanced skills and knowledge. With our help, you can maintain peace and order during your event and ensure it will be a success.

What We Do

When you use our security guard service for your special event, we’ll sit down with you and the rest of your organizing team to understand your goals and needs. We’ll also use this opportunity to gather important information, such as your timeline for the event and the VIP who will attend (like your keynote speakers).

We will then visit the location of your event to map its full layout. This, in turn, will help us identify entrances and exits, determine potential safety and security issues, and come up with ways to eliminate or at least minimize problems. We’ll also work closely with you to formulate contingency plans and ensure that you and your guests will stay safe even when an emergency arises.

Why Should You Hire Us?

AFSSNY has extensive experience with small, mid-size, and large events and understands the specific needs and nuances of each. So, whether you’re inviting just a few dozens of guests or expecting hundreds of people, you can trust us to do a good job. Our expertise in situational analysis and contingency planning also gives us an edge and allows us to provide the best possible services.

Call us now at (718) 504-9606 so we can discuss the security details for your event in Brooklyn, NY! You can also inquire about our home security services and other solutions.

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